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Our "Consultavist" Philosophy and Process

Small capitalization market segments in emerging and small developed equity markets are replete with fundamentally undervalued, high-quality companies, in our view.  These same markets are also full of value traps.  In this environment, the challenge is not to find undiscovered value, but rather for highly inefficient markets to recognize this value, in our view.

We believe that highly inefficient markets require highly active management.

At Miri Capital Management LLC, we engage with portfolio companies as free and friendly consultants.  We seek to help improve and internationalize: reporting, investor relations, governance, capital allocation, and market access.

We focus on micro and small cap companies in emerging and developed equity markets.  We seek to invest in high quality, growing businesses that are undervalued by the market, not due to fundamental deficiencies, but simply because they are undiscovered or misunderstood. 

We generally focus on technology, health care, consumer, and asset-light industrial companies in human-capital driven economies. 

We seek to have a positive impact on the countries and companies in which we invest by recommending improvements to environmental and social policies and reporting.

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